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Agreement between future parents on infant feeding intentions and its association with breastfeeding duration: Results from the Growing Up in New Zealand Cohort Study 

The authors describe the breastfeeding intentions of pregnant women and their partners, agreement about these intentions, and whether this agreement is associated with breastfeeding initiation and duration. Infants whose parents agreed antenatally on breastfeeding only were more likely to have been breastfed for >6 months, after adjustment for maternal and partner demographics. Likewise, infants whose parents agreed antenatally to breastfeed for >6 months were more likely to have been breastfed for >6 months, after adjustment for maternal and partner demographics. The authors conclude that “interventions that promote breastfeeding to both mothers and partners which enable parents to reach agreement about intended feeding methods have the potential to increase both breastfeeding initiation and duration”.

Agreement between future parents on breastfeeding intentions and its association with breastfeeding duration

My Baby’s Movements (MBM Trial)
The Liggins Institute is conducting a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial called “My Baby’s Movements” (MBM Trial), which is offered to pregnant women ≥28/40 at Auckland City Hospital (ACH).  The principal (co-ordinating) investigator is Dr Katie Groom.

This research forms part of an Australasian study across 27 hospitals in New Zealand and Australia.  The goal of the study is reduce the rate of stillbirth though education about decreased fetal movements (DFM’s), and the use of a smartphone app.
There are several features of this study:

  • Over two periods (14 May-10 June and 24 Dec-20 Jan 2019) Research midwives will survey pregnant women ≥35/40 admitted to ACH; and will audit clinical records of women ≥28/40 who attend ACH and report DFMs.
  • From 11 June 2018 to 13 May 2019 pregnant women ≥28/40 will be offered a smartphone app (or text message support for women without a smartphone) which provides user-controlled information about fetal movements, DFMs, and how and when to report DFMs.

Catherine Arnold
My Baby’s Movements Research Midwife
Liggins Institute,
Phone: 0272042651

Hospitalization study

Information-Sheet-Final Jan 2017_Hospitalization study

Fish Oil Study

Registration form for midwives_Fish Oil in Pregnancy Study




RSV Immunisation in Pregnancy Study


Middlemore Clinical Trials are studying whether Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) immunisation in pregnancy protects babies against a lung disease called Bronchiolitis. Bronchiolitis hits our community hard each year, with around 400 infants admitted to Kidz First with this disease every Winter.
This study aims to find out if a vaccination against RSV, during the last trimester of pregnancy, protects new-born babies against Bronchiolitis.

We are looking for healthy pregnant volunteers to take part in this study who are:
•between 18-40 years of age
•due to have a baby between 3rd April and 1st August 2018
•have given birth fewer than five times
•have a BMI less than 40
•live in the Counties or Auckland DHB area

For more information please phone the RSV Study team now on 0800 RSV BABY (0800 778 2229)

or email

Experiences of Maori women antenatal care

Pregnancy study

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