Meeting Minutes
Day:                           7 August 2018
Venue:                       ILS Conference Room, 14 Erson Avenue, Royal Oak
Time:                         7.00pm

Present: Tammy Jowsey, Holly Neilson, Carolyn Young, Amanda Hinks, Paula Stuart, Carol Chambly, Caroline Conroy, Ady Priday, Tok Tobeck, Rachel Lovelock, Pete Melville, Arun Singh, Sushila Naidu, Donna Ritchie, Megan Tahere, Debbie MacGregor, Claire Hotchin, Janine Clemons, Nga Marsters, Lavinia McGee-Repia, Nicky Emerson, Hayley Angus, Catherine Roguski, Jo Morgan, Bev Pownall, Heather Muriwai, Beatrice Leatham, Manya Lynch, Katarina Komene, Camille Harris, Waimarie Onekawa, Mahia Winder, Anna Aldea, Marion Hunter, Artika Ben, Tish Taihia, Diana Austin, Judith McAra-Couper, Emmanuelle Rahier, Linda Wolting, Roshni Kumari, Stephanie Vague, Manya Lynch, Jamie Smith, Sarah Nicholson, Lesa Freeman, Sandy McGivern-Butler, Dana Owens, Sasha MacDonald, Sherab Palmo, Sharon Grace, Dawn Holland, Paddy Hughes, Lesley Hinson, Celia Grigg, Marie Martin.

Apologies: Helenmary Walker, Glenda Stimpson, Megan Hurst, Christine Mellor, Anne Spratt, Clare Barrett, Brigid Beehan, Louise Witten, Thelma Thompson, Nimisha Waller, Joy Cowan.

 Minutes Secretary: Sarah Ballard


Welcome.Meeting opened: 7.00pmIntroductions made. Apologies recorded.
Chair’s ReportFlowers given to Lesley for over a decade’s work on the Committee. Tammy Jowsey Debbie MacGregor
Resolutions Committee ReportCarolyn and Chris have fulfilled this role for 25 years. Is succession planning.
Resource Centre Report Sandy McGivern-Butler Dawn Holland
Midwifery Standards Review ReportHolly Neilson read for Eileen Joy. SurveyMonkey was used for feedback from Consumer and Midwife Reviewers. Move to three year reviews and online feedback forms appreciated. Katarina Komene Sharon Grace 
AUT Advisory CommitteeRead: Paddy Hughes Ady Priday


Celia Grigg
Rapid Multidisciplinary Meeting (RAMP)Every second Monday. Any practitioner can refer a case. Usually chaired by Lynn Sadler. Cases confidential. Aim is to look at incidents that occur and see if they are preventable. Holly Neilson Linda Walton
Nga Maia Ki Tamaki Makaurau ReportRead: Lavinia McGee-Repia Bev Pownall Claire Hotchin
Pasifika Midwives’ ReportSouth Auckland membership is growing. The 2016 Conference Read: Tish Taihia Tish Taihia Lesley Hinson
Northern Breastfeeding NetworkRead: Bev Pownall Bev Pownall Tammy Jowsey
WDHB ReportRead: Tammy Jowsey Tammy Jowsey Noreen McKenna
ADHB ReportRead: Pete Melville Pete Melville Paddy Hughes
CMDHBRead: Lesley Hinson Lesley Hinson Lyn Stark
MERAS ReportRead: Caroline Conroy Caroline Conroy Tok Tobeck
Treasurer’s ReportRead: Pete Melville Pete Melville Tammy Jowsey
Previous Minutes2017 Minutes read: Pete Melville Pete Melville Bev Pownall
AGM closed at 8.00 pm


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